ATTENTION: For Parents Who want to stay two steps ahead of the crowd
Get a free copy of College Admissions at a Glance: Pocket Guide to College Admission for Parents
Discover what you need to know about being tWO steps ahead of everyone else
Parents' Pocket Guide to preparing for college admission
Ever wondered if there was something simple your son or daughter could be doing right now that could pay big dividends when it comes time to apply to college? 

Ever pushed that thought to the back of your mind?

You are not alone.  Each year I talk to parents who do just that. There are many simple, easy to accomplish things that students can do to help build their resume and stand out from the crowd when they apply to college.  College Admissions at a Glance gives you a quick overview of how to best prepare for each semester of high school, what is expected, and what you can do to help your son or daughter stand out.
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